In 1988 the musical activity of Gilmar Ramirez Jaimes was held in the Art Museum in Lima. He spent a period of cultural
time with the groups Auki and Antarqui. At the same time, he took part at the workshop of the group Yawar, which
organized concerts every Saturday. In 1989, he became a member of the Yawar┤s music’s school. He contributed to the
fundation of the groups Tusuy and Pachacamaq. Their members are today active in different parts of the world. While the
group was on tour, he was responsible for the teaching work at the music school. In 1992, he recorded Andean music
together with the group Waras in Peru, Lima.
In 1993 he became member of the group Cantos del Pueblo, with which he participated in some concerts held by
well-known groups from Peru and other foreign countries, such as Illapu from Chile, Los Kjarkas, Proyecciˇn from Bolivia,
Wayanay, Duo Gaitan Castro from Per˙, etc. In August 1993, he traveled for five months to Germany, where he gave some
concerts together with the present group. The next May he traveled again to Europe, where three months later he brought
out his first CD titled with “Cumbres” in cooperation with the group “Cantos del Pueblo”.
In 1995, Gilmar founded in Wuppertal the group “Del Sol” with the support of the pastor Klaus Nickl, who renamed
the group as Hijos del Sol, which means in English children of the sun. In this year, the group produced a tape with
religious children’s songs.
In the following years, Gilmar recorded more CDs, which were produced in Europe and the U.S.A. In October, the group
traveled to TaizÚ, in the South of France, and took part in the International Youth Meeting.
One year later, in 1996, the group Hijos del Sol made a tour through Germany, Belgium, Holland and France where they
made advertisement for their next CD La Oraciˇn del Inka including mainly Latin American Songs. The Cd came out between
the winter and the spring of the same year. In the following time, the group was involved in many cityfestivals, concerts
and celebrations in favor of the third world.They took part in the last ones as representatives of Peru and Latin America.
In 1998, Gilmar took a new way. This times as soloist, he participated in many city celebrations and fairs.
At the end of 1999, he began with the production of Divagando. The CD included an instrumental reproduction of well-known
singers like Mike Oldfield, Scorpions, Vangelis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Andrew Lloyd Webber and so on.
In May 2000, “Divagando” came into the market and it was direct welcomed by the people. In the next months, Gilmar
participated in the 24th International Folk Celebration in Schwelm and went through Germany on tour. He was invited to
give performances in festivals, business markets and fairs like the “Schlemmerwoche” of Eltville, the Wiesbaden wine week
on the Rhine or the environmental market 2000 in NŘmbrecht. In October, Gilmar went back to Peru, where his music got a
very good public approval. He was interviewed by two radio stations: Radio Nacional del Peru A.M. and radio San Martin
F.M. “Divagando” was produced in Peru by the company Saraja Producciones. His musical activities in different concerts
such as in market gardens in Moers, Wesel and Oberhausen and of course in traditional Christmas Market, are very common
in Germany. In add of that, he arranged year by year the Christmas mass of 24th December in the Catholic Church Saint
Michael in Wuppertal.
At the beginning of 2001, he started with the composition of his next CD, Oro Puro, which included Latin American and
worldwide well-known hits. “Oro Puro” came out in May of this year. In April Gilmar went to Florida, where he gave his contribute at the production of the American guitarrist Mike Petrovich. His CD will be on the american market very soon.

At the beginning of 2013, in parallel to his musical activities, Gilmar recorded a new production, Feliz Navidad, this time also as a soloist, with songs from the Christmas songbook which went on sale in November
of this year.
Gilmar┤s musical career began with guitar; during the time, he learned to play the charango, bass, zampo˝a, quena, quenacho, antara, panpipes and a little bit Latin American drums. Now, Gilmar lives in Langenfeld(Rheinland), Germany.

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